Impressed by Stadler Form’s Modern Household Appliances

stadler form household appliances at swiss style

I usually do not talk about household appliances on my blog. But when I saw the Otto Wooden Fan on the Finds and Trends blog on Canadian House and Home, I could not resist to learn more about the brand who elevates a mundane object.

The Swiss brand Stadler Form produces these cheerful and refined household items. Their line of products blends modern contemporary style with utilitarian function. It shows that they work with designers and artists. The human touch continues in how they named their products. I gave them a high mark for their concept.

1. Fred Air Humidifiers

Summer is not the time of the year where we need an air humidifier but Fred is so cute that I have to show it. Matti Walker imagined an air humidifier that produces hot steam. This results in adding humidity free from minerals and bacteria to your home.  Swizz-Style carries 2 colors on their site but Fred is available in more colors. I enjoy The Jetsons influence.

2. Henry Air Purifiers

Matti Walker also designed Henry, a quiet, powerful, and modern air purifier. The unique design will have all your friends asking “What is it?”.

3. Lisa Water Purifiers

Many people prefers to purify the tap water. If it is your case, here is a stunning hand blown glass carafe that wors with the Brita water filters. You will proud to show it off at your next dinner party. Lisa was created by the young Swiss designer Scarlett Dubois. This water carafe was made in a limited quantity.

4. Otto Wooden Fan

Featuring 3 fan settings and adjustable height, Otto is made of oiled sapele wood. The Swiss designer Carlo Borer chose sapele, a large deciduous tropical tree native to Africa. This wood is modernly beautiful with its smooth fine grain and deep warm sienna. I read on Otto comes with a 5-year warranty.

About Stadler Form

Founded in 1998 by Martin Stadler, Stadler Form produces a collection of hip appliances for your home. All their products are invented and engineered in Switzerland. Swizz-Style is the United States distributor. Unfortunately, I did not found a Canadian source.

+ Stadler Form
+ Fred Humidifier in red $99.95 USD at Amazon.com
+ Henry Air Purifier in black or white $299 USD
+ Lisa Water Purifier $49.99 USD at Swizz-Style
+ Otto Wooden Fan designed by Carlo Borer $199.95 USD at Amazon.com