Ikea’s Curtain Wire Used as a Ribbon Storage System

curtain wire ribbon storage :: as seen on ink.paper.love

For city dwellers, having a craft space is often a luxury. I thought I found the perfect spot to do mine but now that we unpacked most of the boxes, I might have to put my dream on hold for a while. I need to put a storage unit where I initially planned to fit a small craft and gift wrapping station. In the meanwhile, I still searched the Web for great craft room ideas.

My latest find is how Claudia of Ink.Paper.Love stored her ribbons. She used the Dignitet curtain wire and a pack of curtain rings with clips from Ikea. It is perfect since that system can accommodate several packaging types.

And if you are short on space, you must see the great craft closet that Claudia’s husband created for her. You can fit a lot on a closet. I am sure that it will give you ideas.

+ Craft closet at Ink.Paper.Love
+ Dignitet curtain wire $16.99 CAD / $14.99 USD
+ Pack of 24 curtain rings with clips $9.99 CAD / $4.99 USD