IKEA Hacks for the SKRUVSTA Chair and the EXPEDIT Bookcase

SKRUVSTA slipcover by yvestown

I can believe that I discovered Yvonne Eijkenduijn of Yvestown only today. This is the site of a creative woman living in The Netherlands. She started blogging in 2005. I discovered her through Twitter.

As we wish to give a second life to our future, why not update their look. Yvonne did two IKEA hacks that add your own personal touch to popular furniture pieces.


If you own an IKEA SKRUVSTA chair and wish to update the look to a custom design, Yvonne sells a slipcover pattern for £8. Her Cath Kidston SKRUVSTA chair has so much more personality.

This project requires 2.5 meters of fabric for the cover. If you have a red or black chair and the new cover material has a light color, plan for an additional 2.5 meters of white lining fabric.

EXPEDIT Bookcase

 retro style expedit by yvestown

Yvonne pinned retro wallpaper on the back of an EXPEDIT bookcase to create a fun backdrop. Dressing up her retro style EXPEDIT is a long job but the results speak for themselves.

expedit color block by super*junk on flickr

Following on the color-blocking trend that I mentioned yesterday, look at what Super*Junk did. She put colored paper on some of the cubes and lit them from inside. It is a weekend project that is worth every penny. I spotted this project on Ohdeedoh.

Storage Solutions

expedit bookcase door insert, drawers and boxes

If you bought yours many years ago, know that EXPEDIT drawers and doors are now available. Since the choice of color is limited to white, red and black, you may wish to build your own or to repaint them.

Made of plastic with felt underneath pads, the LEKMAN boxes fit inside the EXPEDIT block.

+ SKRUVSTA chair $149 USD
+ EXPEDIT bookcase $159 USD
+ LEKMAN box $12 USD
+ chair image by Yvestown
+ Retro EXPEDIT image by Yvestown
+ Color Block EXPEDIT image by Super*Junk on Flickr

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