Ideas to steal from the Urban Oasis roof terrace at The Jade

urban oasis at The Jade

Living in the cosmopolitan city often means that you share your outdoor space with your neighbors. That is why the hip living projects target singles or couples without children. The inside courtyard and the communal roof terrace become the place where the residents socialize.

What is in this urban oasis?

The Moroccan-themed 2-storey communal roof terrace at The Jade was built exactly for that purpose. Complete with several small lounge areas, a reflecting pool, a sun deck with soaking tubs, a spa and a gym, you can hang out there 24 hours a day. On a smaller scale, you can apply the key elements from this design to create your own brilliant backyard.

The furniture and the decor is impressive. It is a place where the tenants are happy in a hip, fashionable, pan-Mediterranean meet North Africa surrounding.

The inspiration for this outdoor space design was Jade Jagger‘s house in Ibiza, Spain. It is easy to spot the influence of the Mediterranean vacation lifestyle. The modern Moroccan décor did not lose its magic under New York City skyline. So there is no need to be afraid to rely on travel memorabilia and ethnic themes to spice up your outdoor spaces.

It is all about stimulating interactions

Let’s examine the plan floor from the model. You noticed that the space was separated in distinct zones. Even the large lounging area is split into small lounge pods. Moving from one zone to the next feels like an adventure, an exciting journey so we take pleasure doing it.

When you throw a party, try to move people around at critical stages of the event. Ideally, you serve the cocktail in one room, eat in another area and finish the night in a third zone. If a third zone is not possible, you can finish the event where you start it by changing the intensity of the lighting or by making quick changes to the décor.

If you cannot move people between rooms, plan for a standing cocktail and a sitting dinner. As long as you stimulate the interactions between people, you should be fine.

Communal roof terrace at The Jade in NYC

Key elements to mimic this look

The top scenery shots display dreamy setups that anyone can reproduce successfully. It is all about creating a unique atmosphere. To achieve the right mood, select decorative elements with charms and patina. Do not neglect to use plenty of fabric since they add a soothing and sensual feeling.

Shadows play an important role in design. Shadows are more mysterious than light. They nicely fill a space with shapes. Look how the cut pattern panel wall is more impressive at night.

With patience and skills, you can make your own patterned panel out of cheap materials that you paint. Three panels can be plenty to make a statement.

So I hope this post gave you new ideas to design a magnificent backyard where your friends will want to celebrate and chill out.

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