Ideas to Steal from a Modern Rustic Napa Valley Wedding

napa valley wedding tabletop and distressed wood votive lights chandelier

napa valley wedding tabletop and distressed wood candlelight chandelier

They are plenty of details that you could recycle from this real wedding featured on Style Me Pretty. For one, I love the distressed wood candlelight chandelier. The concept will also work for an outdoor party by hanging the chandelier on a big tree. Plus, it is something that you can build yourself. Make sure to use small pillar candles instead of votive lights. You do not wish to replace them during dinner.

The Tabletop

details of a modern rustic tabletop

Take clues from the way they set the table for an Easter brunch party or a Mother’s Day chic picnic. The restricted color scheme means that you can mix and match paired down tableware. As you can see, every day tableware can create an elegant tabletop. It is all in the way you display it and how you will enhance the look with your centerpieces.

Think about the Comfort of Your Guests

making seats on the lawn

Whenever you do an outdoor party, think about ways to let your guests sit comfortably on the lawn. Put a futon mattress on the lawn with plenty of pillows for the guest(s) of honor. Transform little kid stools into side tables or use trays to get a place to set down your glass of wine. You could use big square blankets, towels or sheets. Select a place big enough for people to gather in smaller groups, if they wish to. Close proximity encourages the flow of conversation.

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  • Jennifer
    March 23, 2011 at 20:44

    What a great idea! The tables look so elegant.

  • Miss B.
    May 20, 2011 at 00:59

    I was doing a search for distressed wood table and look what the lovely internet fairies brought me! Wonderful post, I have it bookmarked. Thank you:)