Ideas for Baking with Kids

The family kitchen book plus tips on baking with kids

The best way to teach children good eating habits is by teaching how to cook at a young age. And since kids like to imitate grownups, they are typically excited by this activity.

Cooking tools for kids

This idea is born while browsing through the catalogue of Sagaform for another post. If you wan tot develop the habit to cook with your kids, it is best to get gears designed for them.

From Sagaform, teach your kids good taste by giving them a cute hand painted Pastry Board with Rolling Pin made of birch. Sagaform To make cakes, get the Baking set completed with a Spatula, a whisk and cake tins.

A mother herself, Sophie Conran proposed a Mummy’s & Mine cooking set.  Part of the Sophie Conran for Portmeirion collection, it has everything young boys and girls need to start baking. This gift set contains a child’s hat and apron, two star cookie cutters, a porcelain mini-jug, a mini pouring bowl, plus a box paper cups.

Do not let the name distract you, it is for daddy too. Cooking with kids, when it is not done in the middle of the afternoon is a pleasing way to pass time together.

Recipes for cooking with kids

Specialized books target the family with kids. The Family Kitchen invites kids into the kitchen to help, teaching them kitchen skills, encouraging them to discover new flavors and bonding with them. Each breakfast, lunch and dinner recipe lists tasks that kids (even little ones) can enjoy doing.

Another favorite is Williams Sonoma Kids Baking. Reviewers commented that they cook with their kids of 3 to 6 age old with this book. Parents enjoy receiving gifts that involved their kids. I am adding family cooking books on my best list of unique hostess gifts.

Since you may not have time to go shopping for books, try out the Chocolate Pudding recipe from Martha Stewart. This week-end, go ahead and plan a baking session with your kids and their friends.

+ Pastry board with rolling pin by Sagaform – £22.95 at Forma
+ 4-piece Baking Set by Sagaform – £14.95 at Forma
+ Sophie Conran Mummy’s and Mine Set – $59.95 CAD at Linen Chest
Sophie Conran by Portmeirion Sets Mummy’s And My Cooking Set – $50 USD at Amazon
+ The Family Kitchen – $18.25 USD at Amazon
+ Williams Sonoma Kids Baking – $13.57 USD at Amazon

  • jenn lee
    January 12, 2008 at 11:34

    i couldn’t agree with you more.
    i think it’s extremely important and also a great way to spend time with kids – in the kitchen teaching them how to cook but also teaching them how to be responsible and the values of “work”.

    great fun post. i will definitely do this with my kids and or my nephew when he’s old enough 🙂

    jenn lee