I love my new Breville Variable Temperature Kettle

breville variable temperature electric kettle

breville variable temperature electric kettle

I first introduced it when I talked about innovations for tea kettles. Our electric kettle broke last December after 4 years of service. I started to use an Italian stainless stove kettle that I bought many many years ago. It works fine except that it takes ages to boil the amount of water I need to fill my husband’s tea pot and my pot of French press coffee. In fact, I had to rearrange my morning routine. This was not working for me.

My husband, who knew that I wanted one, bought the Breville Variable Temperature Kettle. I love it! We both love it. The hold temperature button, which can be activated anytime in the process, comes handy more often than we think. We enjoy our morning beverage at the ideal temperature without no fuss. I first make his tea, put back the kettle on its base, press on the French press button and wait a few seconds for my water to reach the ideal temperature. Voilà! I am very happy.

+ Breville Variable Temperature Kettle $145 USD
+ Bodum Crema French Press Coffeemaker 12-oz (3 cups) $30.32 USD, 32-oz (8 cups) $49.99