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I Like: Liberte Baby Yogourt

liberte baby yogourt

Since it is a know fact babies needs fat for their brain development, I was surprised when my son reached the solid feeding stage to see that the food industry doesn’t provide parents many options.

And the fascination with 0% fat yogourt, while many are eating bacon and pork belly, does nothing to help parents. I also try to minimize his sugars intake which is why Zack started eating Minigo (fresh cheese) around 10-11 months instead of a regular yogourt. He adores the Minigo! I added the Danone’s Oikos 2% fat a few months later. These days, Zack either eats two Minigo, or a Minigo and a greek yogourt, for dessert at night.

Liberté has finally noticed this void in their range of products. They filled it nicely. Their new Liberté baby collection delivers between 5 and 6% of fat. Step 1, composed by  a lightly sweet plain yogourt, is for 9 months and older. It is a good thing since, based on my experience, babies refuse to eat a plain yogourt if you don’t add a touch of sweetness to it. Step 2 is for babies from 12 months and up.

I wish that Liberté had launched their baby collection sooner. Besides the higher fat contents, it is an easier option to serve him than the fruit on the bottom yogourt since there is no need to stir. He can do everything all by himself.

About the Taste

Their PR agency in Quebec sent three packages for my toddler last week. Zack ate with pleasure the banana yogourt and the strawberry yogourt. I ate one lightly sweet plain yogourt to lower the spicy taste of a lamb roganjosh pie. To my surprise, I enjoy it. It would be a fabulous option with fresh fruit in the morning.

  • Heather
    March 20, 2013 at 22:45

    I was addicted to Liberté’s lemon greek yogourt while I was pregnant, so there’s probably a good chance Graham will love yogourt too. I’ll have to look for this in the next month or so – thanks for the heads up! 🙂