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I Am in Awe with John Melfi’s Modern Architecture Home in Venice, CA


If like me, you are a fan of Sex in the City and Rome, you probably heard of John Melfi since he produced these remarkable TV series. Now, I envy John not just for his stunning productions but also for his modern architecture home.

Living in a house like that is the reason I want to be rich. Moreover, I would love to live for a while in Venice and Santa Monica.

What I like Most about this House

I applauded that the architect put the garage at the rear of the property. He set the living room on top of the garage. This create an amazing view when you sit anywhere at the front of the house.

The architect Steven Shortridge thought a clever multi-level plan that works visually. The house is not only beautiful; it is also functional and must be fun to live in. Melfi said: “I can’t wait to drive home — it’s this wonderful retreat. I literally exhale the moment I step inside.”


The kitchen rests between the lounge front courtyard and the raised dining room at the center of the house. The courtyard featured a rusted steel backdrop fire pit. It is stunning.

Designing for Entertaining

The kitchen and dining spaces are designed so that your friends can be with you when you cooking a casual dinner. Still you feel separate from the kitchen when you sit down at the dining table.

This is a key element to examine when you design an open living and dining space. If you like to hire staff for a dinner party, it is important to keep at least a psychological barrier between the kitchen and the dining room.

You can always put a temporary screen to hide the kitchen when you sit on the front walled courtyard for the pre-dinner cocktails. If I was entertaining in the Melfi’s house, I would put a screen that stands no more than 5 feet to keep the view the living room at the back of the house.


Or in the case of John Melfi, you can host the pre-dinner cocktails on his stunning rooftop terrace complete with hot tub and an outdoor shower.

Culver City architect Steven Shortridge of Callas Shortridge Architects imagined this amazing modern architecture house. Check out the slideshow on Los Angeles Times to see more stunning pictures of the interior.

+ John Melfi’s daring house on Los Angeles Times – photography by Kirk McKoy

  • Aaron Rutman
    March 17, 2009 at 18:29

    Amazing, Absolutely. What General Contractor shows the patience in these kinds of details!? While also turning homeowners dreams into realities. Who is it?