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I am in a “Rethink: The Way We Live” Frame of Mind

rethink the way we live book :: photo by Mikkel Vang

I was so inspired after reading a post by Erin Loechner of Design for Mankind where she talked of Rethink: The Way We Live that I decided to write this post. As a design blogger, I struggled with the same conscience questions than Erin enumerated in her post. This is why I wrote posts about “Things that work”, design ideas for small spaces, dual duty products and repurposing old things.

At home, I like to be surrounded by beautiful things that work. Although I wrote about interior design trends, I only update the look of my own interior every 6 to 7 years. I still enjoy my old kitchen and I kept my 12-years old master bathroom when we renovated the upstairs two years ago to make spaces for my son. I can’t justify throwing out things that are fully operational, still look good and in good shape. I prefer to invest in furniture that will last, which is why I try to wait instead of heading to IKEA for a quick fix. Don’t get me wrong, I shop at IKEA but it is mostly for accessories and tableware.

As an hostess, I grew tired of the dessert table trends, the over the top kids birthday parties and the excess of wedding celebrations that seem to have become the norm in the blogosphere. I feel that it reached a point where it is out of proportion.

You don’t need tons of awesome details to impress people. At this point in my life, I don’t have the time, the energy nor the desire to try to outdone what others do. I still like to throw a nice party and live in a beautiful home. I concentrate my efforts on a few special details. I don’t go over the top. It has always been my philosophy to keep it simpler, comfortable and manageable.

“What you, your family and friends will cherish years later are how much fun that you had together.”

You can say that I like to live simply in style. I put style, function and practicality at the same level. What are you?

rethink the way we live

If you wish to know more about Rethink: The Way We Live. It is a book by former associate editor of British ELLE Decoration and home editor of Living etc. Amanda Talbot.  She has a blog called Snoop. In her book, Amanda challenged how we live, explored our relation to home decor and consumerism. She showed us how many people across the world are changing the way they live, are using creativity to build a home where it feels great to be and are reshaping their community. All that speaks to me. I only wish that a digital version would be available. I have a problem with killing trees and cluttering my home with books.

+ photo credits:  Mikkel Vang for Rethink: The Way We Live