How Women Want their Super Bowl Buffet Table

super bowl menu :: recipes by  martha stewart

I attended several Super Bowls events; all organized by guys. So style was not invited. I feel bad that I did not make a mood board this year. As a substitute, let’s look at what propose the women magazines.

Bookmark my post since you can recycle the ideas for a football theme birthday party for your man, your brother or a little boy.

Martha Stewart’s Super Bowl Menu

I like the menu ideas. It is cute, easy to serve and practical because you can prepare stuff in advance.

+ Mini-hamburgers embedded with pickle slice before broiling – they are so cute
+ Grasshopper Cake – your can tailor the cake decoration to the theme
+ Li’l Smoky Cheese Ball. Or if wish to serve an assortment go with cheese balls done in three ways
+ Seven-Layer Bean Dip – I will definitely remember this dip recipe for a cocktail party

Real Simple’s Tips on How to Host a Football Party

how to host a football party by real simple

+ Serve beers inspired by the names, the mascots, or the hometowns of the competing teams. Stock bottles of Iron City Beer for the Pittsburgh Steelers and drink the Beermann’s Rip Roarin’ Red Ale in honors of the Arizona Cardinals.
+ Tips on how to serve a Chili for a Crowd from Martha Stewart. Recipe of her chili con carne dish
+ Instead of serving chips, plan a potato bar. Why not make your own potato wedges before the game?
+ For decorations, my favorite is inserting pennants and mini footballs in potted wheatgrass. Use vases or colored glasses.
+ Hang on the wall a series of Chalkboard Contact Paper where you draw classic football game plays. Leave some empty for your guests to fill. If you wish to create your own tablecloth, paint the field with white paint on a green felt piece of fabric. Draw the field to fit the surface of your table. You can add toy football players to complete the look.

Food for Thought

I am leaving you with a question. I wonder whether or not the men like that we add style to their Super Bowl home party? Or is it only girls watching the game together who use these cool party decors?

About five several years ago, a Martha-type girlfriend created a theme for the Super Bowl party. She brought cute buffet table decorations. Sadly, I did not know her at the time. I know the story because the guys were not all in favors of the feminine touch invading their manly annual event. Like I said, it was a few years ago.

Do you bring a female touch into this typically male celebration? How do you celebrate Super Bowls at home?

+ Check out my 2008 Super Bowl mood board for more ideas on how to host a football theme event

  • Lisa Canning
    February 4, 2009 at 20:39

    I love this post! I have no cable, thus no pigskin party at our house- but I must find an occasion to serve mini burgers and that bean dip- so colourful!