How to plan for an Easter egg dress up contest

easter egg dress-up kit at martha stewart craftWhen you entertain with kids it is best to plan ahead some activities. Several activities should run over the entire course of the event.

Beside the traditional Easter egg hunt, plan for an Egg dress up contest. This kit from Martha Stewart Crafts made it easy for you. Then, stop by the art store to pick up additional supplies so the kids have more options to create their masterpieces.

Hold the contest before the meal so you can deposit the eggs in potted grass beds. Use them as your centerpieces. Kids will be delighted and you have one less thing on your to do list.

A twist on the Easter Egg Hunt

Earlier this week, I read on a blog or a magazine (I cannot recalled which), a cool idea for the Easter Egg Hunt. Paint or decorate the eggs in 2 different colors or completely different styles. Assign each color/style to an age group. This way, you get more than one winners. And the game is fairer for the little ones.

Buy online: Egg dress up kit at Martha Stewart Crafts – price: $6.99 for 12 decorated eggs
Via: Get Crafty on Cookie magazine