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baby shower wish list managed on wishpot

baby shower wish list managed on wishpot

Making a baby registry is a part of the process for every mom-to-be. I did not want to have a baby registry at a particular store since no stores carry everything I want. Therefore, I went on a quest to find the perfect online wish list tool.

Creating a baby shower wish list has a double duty. First, it helps the mom-to-be to track what she needs to buy. Second, it provides gift ideas to share with your baby shower guests. I also plan to share the list of things I already bought or will buy in order for my guests to get and idea of my style and theme.

There are plenty of baby shower wish list tools on the Web. After comparing them, I determined that Wishpot offers the level of flexibility I need while being easy of use. I installed the bookmarklet to quickly add items to a list. Wishpot also have a widget to publish your wish list on your personal website, blog or MySpace profile so that everybody can view your list!

But I prefer the feature that lets me share my wish lists with whom I want. Another plus of Wishpot is that the people with whom I shared the URL of my wish lists do not have to become a member to see the list or reserve an item. I hope that using Wishpot will be as easy for my guests as it has been for me.

Do you have a favorite wish list tool?

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