Hot Chocolate done the European Style

belgium hot chocolate at le pain quotidien

I love hot chocolate so much that I bought last year Bodum La Chocolatiere. I also gave one to my young brother as a memory of our youth. He used to drink lots of chocolate.

Some people worry about the froth. But the true secret for success rests in the recipe. On our last trip to Los Angeles, we ate at Le Pain Quotidien. My husband ordered a hot chocolate. I had a sip; it was divine. Le Pain Quotidien prepares their hot chocolate the old fashioned way.

How to Prepare the Ultimate Hot Chocolate

The old-fashioned way means that you melt pieces of chocolate instead of using cacao powder. It produces a creamier, tastier hot chocolate.

At Le Pain Quotidien, they bring to the table a small bowl filled with warm milk plus a small container with hot chocolate. You pour the hot chocolate on the warm milk and mix together. Yummy!

Some recipes call for adding vanilla extract or spices. Chili and cinnamon are often used. You can also save step by melting high-end chocolate that already have spices or herbs in it.

Parisian and Belgian Hot Chocolate

david lebovitz's european hot chocolate recipes

I recommend recipes by David Lebovitz. He proposes two delicious classic recipes on his Web site. The Parisian Hot Chocolate Recipe is a basic milk and bittersweet chocolate recipe. The tastier Belgian Hot Chocolate Recipe adds a touch of cinnamon.

I wish to remind New Yorkers that for the entire of February, it is the 17th Annual City Bakery Hot Chocolate Festival. Everyday a different flavor of hot chocolate is spotlight. Check their Web site for details.

+ Le Pain Quotidien
+ Second montage images from David Lebovitz
+ City Bakery Hot Chocolate Festival
+ Bodum La Chocolatiere $20.95 USD

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