Hosting a party for a cause with the Sprinkles Pink Ribbon strawberry cupcakes

sprinkles cupcakes : pink ribbon strawberry cupcake

If you wish to create awareness for a cause, throwing a party around your cause is a great idea.

For the fight against Breast Cancer, you can plan a dessert buffet or a tea party in the afternoon with your girlfriends.

I fell in love with the cute cupcakes by Sprinkles Cupcakes a few months ago. From October 1 to 14, they will donate the proceeds of the sales of their Pink Ribbon strawberry cupcakes to the Entertainment Industry Foundation’s Women’s Cancer Research Fund. During that period, the strawberry flavor will be available every day.

Modern decor, refined style and strong packaging

Frankly, the retro look so typical of cupcake bakeries look tired; we need more varieties. Here come Sprinkles Cupcakes that opened its first shop in Beverly Hills in 2005. At last, a fresh and modern architecture boutique décor.

Sprinkles developed two signature looks; each one is fabulous for any party. Who can resist the cool fondant dot on a flavored buttercream frosting? And pouring monochromatic French chocolate sprinkles adds sophistication to the small cake. Unusual flavors like chai latte and ginger lemon coexist with the classic mocha, carrot and vanilla. There is something for everyone taste.

How Sprinkles Cupcakes add even more elegance to your party?

1 | An array of special decorations for custom made cupcakes

Your cupcakes can be decorated with any of the 24 cutout shapes representing vegetation, animals, emotions, items or occasions.

For a 70’s party theme, the Peace and Love sign is so a propos. And with all the violence in our world, why not host a party to embrace peace at every level of our life? The Peace sign is perfect for a New Year’s Eve party. The Tree can symbolize the environment or simply be a Christmas ornament. The custom made cupcakes have a low minimum order of a dozen per decoration.

2 | The party tray and the cupcake tower

Sprinkles sells a custom made cupcake tray with so much flair that it can replace a birthday cake. Send or bring the Sprinkles cupcake tray filled with a dozen cupcakes firmly in place in the cute gift box. The tray can be recycled as a votive candle holder or stored until your next batch of cupcakes.

You can serve 2 to 3 dozens of cupcakes with a three-tiered cupcake tower. Buy the tower with the ribbon kit for $15 USD or add your own ribbon and buy the cupcake tower at $10.

3 | The favor box

At the end of the event, it is nice to thank your friends that made a donation. Nothing is more efficient than a little incentive. Let them bring home a cupcake in a favor box.

If you do not have time to throw a party, you can still make our friends aware of your support to the fight against Breast Cancer. You could send one Pink Ribbon strawberry cupcake with a donation form and a note card to a list of friends. This unexpected gesture is sure to get their attention.

Locations of Sprinkles Cupcakes

Right now, there are 4 locations in the United States with 15 more scheduled boutiques. These cupcakes are popular amongst celebrities. Beverly Hills, Newport Beach, Dallas and Phoenix-Scottsdale are the lucky residents that can enjoy Sprinkles Cupcakes at the moment.

If you live to far, you can buy online neatly packaged cupcake mixes for $14. Stock a few cylinders in any of the 6 flavors since the cupcake mix makes a remarkable hostess gift.

Learn more: Web site of Sprinkles Cupcakes – price: $3.25 each or $36 for a dozen
Buy online: Gift items available at Sprinkles Cupcakes

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