Hospitality tips I learned from traveling

Bathroom at The Fairmont Mayakoba at Riviera Maya : My Hotel Geek

An old saying teaches us that Travel broadens the mind. I would add that traveling makes you a better host.

We are so accustomed to how we live at home that we do not notice the small details anymore. But staying at hotels uncovers the fine points that make your stay comfortable or not. Hotel design and functionality have improved greatly over the years. But they are still room for improvements on the comfortable level as I experienced it.

Why this is relevant to entertaining at home? Simply because it can make you better host when you are having guests staying over at your home.

My wish list

More and more hotels got it while other hotel chains are still clueless. I compiled my list of essentials for make your stay over guests absolutely divine.

Makeup station outside the bathroom

If you are sharing the room, you must apply your makeup in the room on the morning while your roommate is taking a shower. You want to save time after all. But low lighting is the norm inside the room, especially near the mirror. This is my biggest complaint about hotel design. I still do not understand because no hotels got it.

Available electric plugs

With everything that we need to recharge these days, you need several easily accessible and visible electric plugs. And make sure that there is place to accommodate the big chargers.

Ipod connector to a sound system

It is fun to wake up to the music you like. These electronic devices are quite simple to buy these days. My husband bought one for his office with a radio, an alarm clock and a remote control that costs about $80 at Costco last year.

Premium shampoo and conditioner

I spent a good amount at the hairdresser so I do not want to lower the condition of my hair with pharmacy products. For weight and security reasons, I did not bring my own shampoo and conditioner. Big mistake! It only has been two trips and I feel the difference.

Beauty essentials basket

It is so easy to forget something when preparing your luggage. If you stock the mini size containers in advance, your guests will feel more welcome. And you will have more time for yourself.

So prepare in advance a basket with a toothbrush, dentifrice, mouthwash, a shower cap, deodorant, a first aid kit, feminine hygiene and a pocket size tissue bag.

A reliable wireless Internet connection

As I told you on my last post, the Internet connection at the hotel did not work most of the time. And when it did, it was for about 5-10 minutes at the time. They waived the fees but still I could not do my work.

As more and more people must be connected 24/7, if you wish that your guests stay over longer, give them an easy and reliable Internet access. At the cottage during the Holidays, we are often 5 people hooked up to the Internet at the same time. After a few minutes, you go back to enjoying your vacation without worries.

A final tip for when you are traveling

If you travel often, I suggest keeping your beauty bag ready at all times. So you only need to grab it whenever you travel. It does not cost more since you consume the same amount of products overall. But it will definitively save you time and worries.

If you want to discover luxury hotels around the world, I invite you to check out a new blog from a friend of mine. Her blog is called My Hotel Geek. I took this picture from one of her review of The Fairmont Mayakoba located on Riviera Maya, Mexico.

  • Michelle Sullivan
    January 23, 2008 at 19:07

    Interesting post – I house swapped this summer. Funnily enough, although I did leave hotel-like personal care necessities such as the one you describe in the bathroom, and new towels hanging out of empty dresser drawers in the bedroom, my guests didn’t take advantage of them. I guess we’re so used to having to fend for ourselves that we’ve become self-sufficient. Either way, it was still fun to do and that, and other little touches, gave me the sense that I was leaving my home in a comfortable way for their enjoyment.

    I completely get you re: the hotel shampoo and conditioner. Useless. I’ve suggested to one of my clients (a beauty product manufacturer and distributor) that the next time they hold one of their mega-conferences for their representatives in a hotel, that they make sure to stock the bathrooms with their own, branded products. As odd as it might sound, though, I’m sure they’d probably be met with resistance : even if you’re booking hundreds of hotel rooms, it’s amazing how little cooperation you get from many hotel venues when it comes to wanting a little personalisation.

    But that’s another topic altogether 🙂

  • At Home with Kim Vallee
    January 24, 2008 at 00:31

    Michelle: You have very well-organized guests. I encourage you to continue anyway. You never know maybe next time your guests would not bring everything since they noticed you are such a great hostess.

    If you plan to provide these commodities to your guests, it is best to tell them in advance.

  • At Home with Kim Vallee
    January 24, 2008 at 16:40

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  • Isabelle Houle
    January 24, 2008 at 22:08

    I agree with your wish list Kim and I suggest we travel together to discover the best hotel guestroom design and amenities ;o) Thank you for your plug!

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