Honeycomb Toast and Tea Set by Jason Neufeld

toast and tea ceramic set by jason neufeld

Finding unique, outstanding gifts mostly assure you that you will be invited over and over. Plus, you avoid the awkward situations where you bring the same gift than another guest to an anniversary or a housewarming party. This is why I am always on the lookout for cool and original gift ideas.

Beware that the ceramic creations Brooklyn-based designer Jason Neufeld could generate some Awe! The one thing that grab my attention was the Toast and Tea Hexagon Set. Inspired by honeycomb, the plate provide a place for jam, jelly or honey. The best part is that the raised honeycomb pattern keeps condensation from your toasts. These are a nice alternative to the wood sandwich boards or the diy wood trays I introduced a few months ago.

I guess that you need to contact the designer by email to order them since they are no other information on his Web site. There no price information either.

+ Jason Neufeld

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