Holiday Wreaths and a Charming Bouquet

hobby wreaths by julie mulligan

Julie Mulligan reinterpreted with those wreaths an ancient tradition that links a family status or profession to the floral arrangement at their front door. Julie created wreaths that reflect a person’s profession or hobby. With many people wanted to hang something else that a wreath on their front door, I think this is a wonderful concept.

holiday wreaths and charming bouquet

Another way to differentiate your front door from the neighbors is to group vertically 3 wreaths. Make sure to select wreaths that are proportional to the height and width of your door.

The Green Pear and Berry Wreaths mix well with Martha Stewart Charming Holiday Bouquet.  The bouquet will not interfere with the conversations. Count 1 bouquet per 4 guests. You can alternate the bouquet and a candle pillar.  If you can start with a pillar candle, will save money in requiring say 3 candles and 2 bouquets.

+ Julie Mulligan‘s blog at 1-800-Flowers
+  Green Pear and Berry Wreath on sale at $19.95,  set of 3 on sale at $54.99 USD
+  Martha Stewart Charming Holiday Bouquet $39.95 USD