Holiday Baking Gifts | 3 blogs and a mood board – 2007.11.19 edition

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You gave excellent wrapping ideas for your Holiday Baking in my First Giveaway post of last Friday. Due to your interests in the subject, I scoured more ideas for other bloggers.

1 | The Baker Family

Send them home with a sweet treat is the story of the party favors that Denise of the Baker Family gave to her guests this year at her Halloween’s party. The jars are from IKEA and she was lucky to have a friends cooked close to 500 cookies for her.

If you want to give cookies at your Christmas party, know that presenting your party favors in long rows always looks more impressive. While you buying your jars at IKEA, do not forget to buy enough LACK wall shelves for your display. Calculate in advance the total surface you need assuming two rows and leaving the space for at least 1 jar free at each end side.


The December 2007 edition of Glamour published a unique twist on how to gift cookies without baking. You find cake and cookie preparation kits in store, so why not make your own version. I like the idea to include a cookie tool like a measuring spoon or a cookie cutter.

And if Neiman Marcus sells it own version with its notorious urban legend chocolate chip cookies at $20 per jar, rest assured that you would not look cheap. As NOTCOT stated in their post, everything is in the packaging.

3 | Design & Inredningsbloggen

If you have no time to bake you can give instead bowls of nuts. Making your own spiced nuts is a simple way to add a personal touch. Nuts take a new life when presented in the cool Paus bowls by Cult Design. Sadly, Cult Design is only available in Scandinavia as far as I know. This post shows again that Pethra of Design & Inredningsbloggen has an eye to spot great products.

An idea for the next time you host a cocktail party, why not distribute individual bowls for snacks? This way, your guests can move around with their owl bowls of nuts or chips. You can give it a try at your Thanksgiving dinner.

Giveaway reminder note

If you have not done it yet, it is not too late to participate in the First Giveaway of At Home with Kim Vallée. You have until Tuesday, November 20, 2007 11:59 Eastern Time to answer the question.

Buy online: SÖTA jar at IKEA – price: $3.49 CAD
Buy online: LACK wall shelf at IKEA – price: $19.99 CAD for 110 cm long, $29.99 for 190 cm long
Buy online: Neiman Marcus Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix – price: $20 USD

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