Hiring A Chef At Home for a Stress-free Dinner Party

hiring a chef for a dinner party

Last weekend was the birthday of a friend. Cooking an elaborate dinner for 10 persons is very demanding on the host, unless you hire help. His girlfriend opted to hire a Chef for the night. A wise choice!

Food and Wine Pairing

No proper meal should be served without harmonizing food and wine.

The Chef can suggest a list of wines that you can buy. For the no-hassle entertaining experience, let the Chef bring the wine. This way, if the menu slightly changes due to produce availability, the Chef can adjust the wine selection.

Dinnerware and Cutlery Rentals

No dishwashing for you. The Chef and his aid clean up the kitchen before they leave. For that reason, the fees will vary whether you use your own dinnerware or if you rent the dinnerware. By renting the dinnerware, glassware and cutlery, the Chef team has less cleaning to do.

Another reason for renting your tableware is that you need plenty of dinnerware and flatware for a 6-course meal. You may not own enough dishes nor have the right plates / cups / bowls to serve properly the courses.

About Our Menu

Thanks to our Chef Richard Boulay from Montreal, our group enjoyed a tasty menu:

  1. Whisky And Espelette Pepper Lobster Cappuccino
  2. Scallop With A Warn Pink Grapefruit Vinaigrette
  3. Crispy Cepes Ravioli
  4. Asian Perfumed Duck Tartar
  5. Salad With Duck Confit, Smoked Duck And Gizzard Confit
  6. Chocolate Shooter

And you do not have to shop for the food either. A key element if you wish to throw a surprise birthday party.

Guests Paying Their Share

This practice is perfectly acceptable between friends. We often meet at the restaurant for someone’s birthday with everyone paying his/her share of the bill. So this is not different.

Make sure to select a menu at a price that reasonably compared to a good restaurant meal. Simply keep it mind how much your friends are willing to pay for something like that.

Have you ever hired a Chef for an event? If so, did you enjoy the experience?

  • Jerome Paradis
    June 13, 2008 at 16:44

    I really enjoyed this dinner party!

    – you’re comfortably enjoying an intimate evening with your friends without stress for everyone
    – the quality of food, drink and service of a high-end restaurant without any last call or closing hours
    – you are free to ask tips and pointers to the Chef

    I definitely recommend the experience!

  • Michelle Sullivan
    June 13, 2008 at 18:24

    Excellente idée – votre chef aurait un site Web, par hasard?

  • Laurent
    June 16, 2008 at 03:49

    Ce cuisinier est un vrai chef !