A hip floral tabletop theme for a family brunch


You do not need a design that screams Easter to look festive. Since the typical pastel Easter decorations are not my style, I created a series of hip and fun Easter tabletops. I will be presenting two tabletops today in two separate posts.

What is great for you is that my Easter tables featured tableware items that you can reuse for any occasions. In fact, the design comes from the shapes and the patterns of things you need to eat, not from a bunch of superficial accessories. It is simple and beautiful.

The birth of a concept

Thinking outside the box allows you to find fresh concepts. I usually start by analyzing the key elements of the celebration. The idea is to approach an event design from a different perspective. Basically, I look at at the Easter brunch party this way:

  • Easter is a festive, family gathering that occurs in Spring
  • Hosting an Easter party means planning several activities for kids and a table where the children will feel comfortable
  • The egg and the bunny are the more popular symbols associated with Easter.

Let’s review my floral Easter table. Every since, I saw the beautiful Atelier Lzc Party Napkins at Rose and Radish, I wanted to use it. My jumping point was this cute Black Floral Salt & Pepper Set by Sagaform. I selected this inexpensive salt and pepper set for the egg shape. When I put the napkins with the salt and pepper set, I found my theme. The rest is a matter of creating harmony and a focal point.

The cocoon-shaped soup tureen, the ice cream bowls and blue condiment bowl exhibit fun and comfort. Two terms associated with family life. The ice cream bowl by Miriam Mirri is huge so prepare one bowl per family or couple. Adding a communal course to your meal goes with the spirit of Easter.

The story goes that Miriam Mirri designed the spoon as a heart so that you can eat ice cream from one side of the spoon without touching to the other side. I am not convinced but it is a cute marketing story.

Finishing touches

The Coral Dinnerware shows that you do not need to go neutral to look organic. The style would harmonize well with any time of food. You can put it on your every day table, use it for casual entertaining or reserve it for special-event dining occasions. The choice is yours.

The Coral series has only a 7-inch bowl and a 9-inch plate. To complete your place setting, pair the Coral dishes with solid color dinnerware either in black, red or white. I would use a blue tablecloth to highlight the dinnerware. You want the Coral dinnerware to be the focal point of the tabletop.

The illustration of the Poppi Art invite links everything together. It is the theme that is fun yet sophisticated. I presented it as an Easter tabletop but really this tabletop design is fit for any occasions.

Buy online: Poppi Art notecards at Whimsy – price: $12 for a pack of 10
Buy online: Atelier Lzc Party Napkins at Rose and Radish – price: $13 for a pack of 20
Buy online: Soup Tureen by Steffen Schmelling for Ego at Unica Home – price: 120 USD
Buy online: Coral Dinnerware Series by Jill Fenichell for Bongenre at Unica Home – price: bowl $8, plate: $10 USD
Buy online: Big Love Ice Cream Bowl and Spoon by Alessi at Unica Home – price: $45 USD
Buy online: Nio Blue Glass Condiment Bowl by Oliver Hemming at Unica Home – price: $45 USD
Buy online: Sagaform Black Floral Salt & Pepper Set at Wrapables – price: $9.95 USD

  • Fanfan
    March 12, 2008 at 15:36

    Easter means life. After the calm and the peace of the winter comes the spring with its light, its
    color, its joy. So bold color and funny accessories are welcome to celebrate Easter.

  • Jennifer
    March 12, 2008 at 21:09

    I love those ice cream bowls. I don’t know if my hips do!

    We never celebrated Easter when I was growing up. I guess that makes me a heathen. Or at least a former heathen.

    I now enjoy having my husband’s family over after church. It’s fun making up for lost time.

    My favorite Easter decoration are Herend bunnies.