Having fun with the shadow placemats by Sandra Bautista

A light\'s drawing by sandra bautistaThis talented artist grabbed my attention because her work titled A light’s drawing. The usual suspects appear as silhouette shadow on the placemat.

Regarding at her portfolio, Sandra Bautista probably did it for an artistic purpose. But I find the concept to be chic and fun for entertaining. If you find a place where we can buy those, please inform me.

About A light’s drawing, her creator Sandra Bautista says:

Everyday light draws for us…but we never realized…
The graphics on the whole set come from the real shadow so that all objects are related to each other and when using it you will discover all of them.

A time saver for entertaining

If you are too busy, you would not have to bring the plates at the table. But make sure the glasses, the napkins and the utensils are on the table before your guests arrive. One inspiration that complements those placemats is the diner restaurant experience. You can insert the flatware in three ornate glasses, jars or flower vases.

Pursue further the fun aspect

You could make your own silhouette by tracing the dimension of your own dinnerware in the color of your choice.

If casual chic suits better your event, rest the flatware inside a pocket fold linen napkin.Then, draw the shape of your own utensils on a cotton placemat or a fine paper. Just the dimensions are big enough to cover the right utensil shadow. The idea is to surprise your guests as they sit down and gently lay their napkin on their knees.

Having an immediate ice-breaker at the table ensures that the dinner starts well. Your guests feel more welcome. You can continue with charades or write fun facts for each guess to read. What games do you play at the dinner table?

+ Sandra Bautista – photos are all rights reserved by sandra bautista

  • emily
    March 5, 2008 at 12:42

    So Cool! This is so different. Great find!