Haunted House Paper Models for Halloween

the skoolhouse paper model by ray keim

Cutting and building a paper model is a great activity that you can do with the kids. There are a lot of free patterns on the Web. You may wish to stop first at a printer for a better printing job on cardboard. Keep an extra copy in case you ruin a piece while building your haunted house paper model.

You can stop at assembling the model. But you will get a bigger Wow factor if you do a few extra steps. Look at the impressive carving job of Ray Keim. He added moss to key places on did his Skoolhouse. For the piece de resistance, Ray carved several Potka Pods as decorative pumpkins. You do not have to carve them. Simply, putting a few Potka Pods will elevate the results. You could also deposit on the floor small pieces of hay and hang spider webs.

Ray Keim produced many paper models. His latest addition is the Bates House Paper Model. Visit Haunted Dimensions for downloading the kits and getting inspirations on how Ray and other people have decorated their paper models.

Cute but simpler

halloween decoration :: church with cemetery from paper model haunted house

Another model that I like is the Haunted Church with cemetery by Paper Models. This one is for sale. They give you the choice of downloading their model or opting for a printed kit that they will ship to you. The Printed Kit is available in 3 dimensions.

+ The Skoolhouse Paper Model Kit by Ray Keim
+ Haunted House Paper Model $9.95 – $24.95

  • Ray Keim
    November 4, 2009 at 13:28

    Hi Kim,
    Thank you for your wonderful article about my projects!
    I was able to find Putka Pods on Ebay. Some people sell them a handful at a time, but others sell bags of them. The bags I found were less than $10 and have hundreds of pods!
    I wish you good luck with your site! It is very well done. And please have me on your TV show, when the time comes! 🙂
    Ray Keim