Let the Happy Color Trend fill your walls

happy colors in residences decoration  and cote ouest

If like me you are not afraid of colors, you must be happy these days. For the others you are more timid, I am showing two rooms with pretty strong colors.

Fuchsia wall

I saw several rooms where the focal point is a bright fuchsia wall. The first time I saw a fuchsia room, I admired the audacity of the owner. After seeing several, I realized that every room looks amazing. They were a pretty diverse mix from kitchen, living room, bedroom and even office space. Now, I crave for my own fuchsia wall room.

Green walls

For Spring 2008, green is in vogue. By painting the backdrop of the stairs an Absinthe green the wall, the stairs become more important.

The office space is shared by the four members of the family. Arranged as a workshop, the room feels sophisticated with the traditional American walnut and the classical shape of the chairs. But the Granny Smith accents and the multicolor rug convey an unexpected whimsical mood to the space.


Painting the inside of your bookshelf brings a punch of color without actually living with the color. You can always tone down a color through the choice of material and shape. Here, the vivacity of the Granny Smith green fabric is toned down by the classical shape of the chair next to the brown wood.

If you opt to invest in a colorful piece of furniture or accessories, you are better to select one that you can harmonize in many ways or move to another room. The multicolor rug fits that description. The beautiful wall units, desks and chairs transfer their sophistication to the fun rug.

Being inspired by France

I picked these pictures from two fabulous French magazines: Résidences decoration and Coté Ouest. Both magazines featured a family house with a happy yet stylish interior.

The fuchsia kitchen comes from an apartment located in Le Marais, a neighborhood in Paris that I enjoy a lot. I do not miss the chance to stop by Le Marais with all its antique shops, contemporary galleries and design stores when I visit Paris. Even if it just for window shopping, it is a pleasant excursion.

One particular of the home with the two green rooms is that in fact, three different hues of green coexist. Pink make an appearance in these rooms as well.

It is just paint

If you are not totally convinced, remember that painting an accent wall is a relatively simple job to update if you get tired or if you hate the wall color. As long as you are not pressed by time, I encourage you to give a try, you may be surprised. With the technological innovations, you do not have to go blind either. Simply take a picture of your room, upload it and use a photo editing software to get a pretty good idea of what the room will look like once painted. You can also search for free online services.

Fuchsia Photo credit: Résidences decoration – March / April 2008, number 79 issue – photo by Didier Delmas
Green Photo Credits: Coté Ouest – February / March 2008, number 74 issue – photos by Patrick Van Robaeys

  • denise
    March 21, 2008 at 12:10

    love the colorful rug and the cabinets painted inside.

  • Ashish
    March 24, 2008 at 02:13

    In order to achieve good painting results one should first prepare walls which will involve cleaning, smoothing, sealing and priming.

  • house painters
    June 26, 2008 at 07:02

    Great Job
    interesting topic , I would like to read more on this topic and home painting .

  • jordan smith
    July 10, 2008 at 19:01

    OMG i absolutely love that love painting over the staircase!!!!!!!! is there any possibly way you kno i can get it????