Hang your artworks right the first time with Hang & Level

hang & level

The booming of the renovation sector brought us many innovations at the hardware store. New tools have emerged to simplify our life. Here is one of these innovations for hanging stuff on your wall.

If ever try to group a set of pictures you know how it feels cumbersome to get all the holes at the right place. Sharing your frustrations, a Calgary-based decorating expert Liette Tousignant developed a tool that removes the fuss from this task. I just saw the TV ad and it seems pretty handy.

Hang & Level is a tool that precisely marks the hole. No more computations or guess work, you get it right the first time. They produce a few decorating articles with useful hanging tips.

Great stocking stuffer, this tool will be most appropriated by a friend who just moved to a new home. It is available across Canada at Canadian Tire, The Home Depot, Home Hardware and more stores. Americans can find Hang & Level at Linens N Things.

Videos: TV ads of Hang & Level
Buy: Store locator of retailers selling Hang & Level – price: $19.99