Handmade porcelain collection of Mud Australia

porcelain tableware by mud australia

Since I started this blog, my desires to collect porcelain dishes keep growing. And Mud Australia does everything for stimulating my desire with a wide array of colors, shapes, formats and an handmade feeling.

If you are on the market for everyday porcelain dinnerware that you can dress up for a friendly dinner, look no further than this collection by Mud Australia.

Handmade by ceramists using the best materials available, you see how amazing they can look on your table. In fact, your table is almost self-decorated if you cleverly mix colors.

Mud Australia ceramics are available in Australia, a few stores in Canada, in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, New Zealand, Hong Kong, the United States, Singapore and the United Kingdom.

More to come from a local ceramicist

As you may recalled, I bought a few handmade dishes by Ceramik B, a Montreal ceramicist before Christmas when visiting the Souk @ SAT. I could not resist. Her pieces share the same idea: a handmade glazed inside, stone-like outside finish but the treatment is poles apart. I promise to show you my new acquisitions in the upcoming weeks. I am looking for the ideal menu to showcase the pieces.

Learn more: Stockists of Mud Australia
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  • Jenn Lee
    January 7, 2008 at 14:14

    These dishes are why open kitchen shelving is so necessary 🙂

    If I had these I would just want to show them off. Very pretty.

    Jenn Lee~

  • At Home with Kim Vallee
    January 7, 2008 at 14:27

    Jenn Lee: you are tempting me more to update a set that I do not like anymore. I can imagine myself taking pictures of recipes and tablescapes with those dishes.

  • At Home with Kim Vallee
    May 29, 2008 at 17:48

    Mud Australia First Flagship Store | Flash News

  • chief stew
    March 28, 2011 at 16:05

    I ordered variety of the Mud Platters for our yacht
    The shapes are great, the sizes perfect, practical and really nice for food presentation.
    Unfortunately there are few problems however

    • The platters are very thin and light, which is great and easy for serving, but they also seem fragile and have to be handle with a lot a care.

    • The underside of the platters is left ‘rough’ and doesn’t have the same glossy surface as the top. It adds to the character, but unfortunately the clay surface likes to soak up colours and stains very easily. Our white platters have been stained by a salad leaf floating in the sink during washing up. The company recommended cleaning with Ciff, but it’s easier said than done. The stains seem to be soaked up by the clay.

    • On two of the platters appeared kind of a network of thin, linear ‘cracks’. The cracks first appeared only on top of the glossy surface, but after a while, the cracks appeared also on the underside of the platters. One of the platters literally fell apart when I picked it up, breaking along the lines.

    In overall, great idea, great look, but not the best quality. I want to return my purchase.