Handcrafted Coffee and Tea Sets by a.j

a.j coffee and tea collection sets

I first introduced the work of a.j creation as a gift ideas for last Christmas. a.j is the crafted work of two Montreal-based artists: a ceramist and a glassblower. I am happy for them that more retailers have picked up their wonderful products.

Coffee Cups and Saucers

The first thing that caught my eyes this morning were their coffee cup and saucer sets. I drank plenty of wonderful espresso over the last week. We stayed at the new Fairmont Battery Wharf in Boston, which is located next to North End, the Little Italy neighborhood. In fact, I put sugar on my espresso for the first time this weekend. I usually take my coffee with two dashes of milk. I insisted on the milk since cream and half-half changes the taste of the coffee.

Anyway, going back to a.j ceramic work, I feel it have a nice twist. Three options are available for the saucer: white china, white china with colored lines or chocolate stoneware. The simple lines of the spoon are gorgeous.

Teapots and Tumblers

They also cater to tea lovers, like my husband. I prefer the high teapot to the wide one; I feel it is more elegant when it is tall. They both costs the same. Small and large tumblers are available. You could use the large tumblers to serve hot chocolate.

+ a.j Espresso Set $33 CAD at Modern Karibou
+ a.j Cappuccino Set $33 CAD
a.j Coffee Set $33 CAD
a.j Teapot – High $96 CAD
+ a.j Teapot – Wide $96 CAD
+ a.j Set of 2 Large Tumblers $34 CAD
+ a.j Set of 2 Small Tumblers $26 CAD

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    August 12, 2009 at 15:03

    I featured two Montreal-based artists. Check out the handcrafted Coffee and Tea Sets by a.j

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