Halloween decorations for your kitchen at Wrapables

halloween decoration for kids in the kitchen

With a few days left until the celebrations, I am giving you my last suggestions for Halloween decorations. This time, let’s talk about bringing the Halloween spirit to your kitchen.

These looks target the family. The first stop is the cleaning center in the kitchen or the bathroom. The Halloween Critters Jacquard Guest Towels and the spider Web soaps make a cute match.

What can you do?

Every family fridge that I know is filled with children drawings, photos and reminders. The Magnetic Spider Scatters is a fun way to hang them up. A package contains 12 small spiders and 4 large spiders.

Bake cookies in shape of an owl, a cat, a broom, a witch, a pumpkin and a bat for the joys of the kids and adults. Let go your imagination to decorate your own one-of-kind Halloween cookies.

Put half a dozen cookies in a clear cellophane bag or a paper bag, glue a sticker and distribute them as treat favors to your friends and colleagues.

Take the time your own cookies with a tea or coffee in one of the whimsical Halloween Critters Small Ceramic Mugs. Kids will prefer your hot chocolate if you served them in one of those.

An outdoor lighting

Spider Web String Lights for Halloween

Putting up festive outdoor lights will feel inviting to your guests. You can decorate your driveway or the porch with a set of 10 Spider Web String Lights. The effect will be more impressive if you loosely mix and drape some angel hair-type around the lights.

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  • Pethra
    October 23, 2007 at 02:36

    Halloween is becoming more and more popular in Sweden. Our family do not celebrate it, but I thorouhly enjoy seeing what you Canadians and Americans come up with during Halloween. 🙂

  • Sakura
    October 22, 2008 at 07:19

    n\ang ganda tlga pagaraw ng kamatayan dhil pabonggahan ng room sa amin i didn’t forget this day