Halloween Costumes for Kids in a Wheelchair

halloween costume for kids in a wheel chair ice cream truck

halloween costume for kids in a wheel chair ice cream truck
photo credits: Daily Picks and Flicks – I wished that I found the original but I was unable to find it.

Kids in a wheelchair also celebrate Halloween. They wear homemade Halloween costumes that any kids would be proud to wear. Popular Halloween costumes are all types of vehicles, playing a drummer, a king or queen on their trone, or the mobile flower garden. One that particularly caught my eye is this Buster’s Ice Cream Truck.  Cardboard, fabric, craft supplies and accessories are the preferred supplies.

halloween costumes for wheelchair
photo credits: Garden costume at Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation | Pirate costume at Special Children

For more Halloween costumes for kids in a wheelchair, check these sites for tutorials and inspiration:

  • Dave
    October 9, 2012 at 17:44

    That IS the original photo of little Carter in his ice cream truck. Its exactly the same picture that went viral 10 days ago and it’s a screenshot I made from the video that was posted on youtube and shared on Reddit by a co-worker of Carter’s dad. The family closed their youtube account, but I replaced the original video with a copy I found on the internet. That same picture went viral after a radio station called Alice 105.9 found it on my websites and posted it to their Facebook page. http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151079916438716&set=pb.71177988715.-2207520000.1349818884&type=1&theater

    After that it was posted to Reddit and after that to Pleated-Jeans tumblr. Now it is everywhere.