Halloween Bar Station

bar station for a halloween party

We celebrate Halloween in Canada but it is not as huge as the celebrations in the United States.

If you wish to do something really special, you have 6 weeks left to plan it all. The store starts to be low on their coolest Halloween products which shows how people enjoy this celebration.

If you are planning an Halloween party for adults, the bar is a key element of your party. Pottery Barn carries an array of bone, skull and spider web bar accessories that can set the tone.

Candle Lights

You want to spread lots of candles for Halloween. The black candlesticks and tall pillar holders are prefect as they bring height to your decor. The black skull candles sit well on the pillar holder or fit inside the twig hurricane. Add some drama if you use a simple black pillar candle by layering a few inches of color sand inside the twig hurricane.

If you wish for a glamorous haunted house theme, create the feel of spider webs by hanging pieces of creepy cloth, a Glitter Skull and a few black candelabra.

Decorate with Silvery and Plastic Bones

The Bone Stand & Glass Punch Bowl looks awesome. Make the reveal of your punch with a dry ice effect. Review the safety instructions I published last year on how to use dry ice for drinks.

The bone stand is sold separately. The Drink Dispenser I shown you last summer also fit on the silvery metal bone base. If you are interested by this theme, you have to hurry up since the Punch Bowl and the Skull Appetizer Picks & Holder are out of stock. But there is a good chance that your own punch bowl will fit.

For a spookier effect, gather a bed of plastic bones or simulate a camp fire with wood twigs under the punch bone stand. Place ashes on a black plate and cover the rim with twigs. Go to the toy store near you or the dollar store for affordable plastic bones.

Place the black tall pillar holders on either side of punch bowl. The key is to place your candles so people you will not touch the flame as they take their drink.

Set Up the Bar

I really like the fact that you can slide the top of the Torrens Bar Cabinet to make room for the stainless steel ice bucket. This is so practical.

You can always dress up a simple buffet table. First lay down a black cloth to cover the surface to the ground. Lay on the top surface a gray and black creepy cloth.

Have fun creating your theatrical décor for Halloween. What is your Halloween theme this year?

+ Archer Pillar Holders – price: small $39, large $49
+ Black Skull Candle – price: $19 USD
+ Black Candelabra – price: $59 USD
+ Twig Hurricane – price: small $39, large $59
+ Bone Candle Holder – price: $19 USD
+ Bone Stand – price: $29 USD
+ Torrens Bar Cabinet – price: $1299 USD
+ Deluxe Cotton Creepy Cloth – price: $9.95 on sale