Grow your Herbs in Your Apartment with Prepara Power Plant

prepara power plant professional and grow lamp

I grow my own herbs in the summer but I have a problem in winter because the ways my windows are position I do not get enough sun inside. So I am back at buying fresh herbs or using dry herbs for cooking half of the year.

I am thrilled of this product by Prepara, the maker of the Herb Savor. The Power Plant Professional is basically a bigger, electric version of the power mini except that only the Power Plant Pro automatically rotates. The Power Mini does not use electricity and fits three sponges. The Power Plant Pro fits 6 containers that are bigger than in the mini.

The system enables us to grow greens and herbs inside in less time. And they taught of people like me you need artificial grow light. The Grow Lamp is sold separately.

What I like about this Power Plant Pro is that I can grow several herbs or salads in a container that fits easily on a corner of my counter. The diameter measures 10 inches. The grow lamp can be used with any pots.

How it works?

So watch the video to see how easy it is to grow your own herbs, salads and chili peppers inside. Everything is included in the box, except the seeds. Prepara sells a seed kit but you can use your own seeds. Basically the 7 steps are:

  1. You attach the A/C adapter to the container
  2. you fill the nutrients and fill with water
  3. you remove the sponges, humidify the sponges and plant your seeds in all sponges,
  4. labels your plants with the seed covers, put the humidadomes on and plug the container 
  5. A few days later, you remove the seed covers
  6. When you see the plants, you the humidadomes
  7. Wait until the herbs are bigger enough for you to eat them.

Indoor Gardener is a blog by the design director at Prepara who was a newbie a few months ago on indoor growing. You get experiences and findings while testing and using the latest Prepara’s Power Plant products. I think it is interesting to see a brand that does that. If you look at their first attempts, the crops were not always successful.

+ Prepara Power Plant Professional $79.95 USD on
+ Prepara Power Plant Mini $39.99 USD
+ Prepara Power Grow Lamp $49.81 USD
+ In Canada, Ashton Green carries the line – $119.95 CAD power plant pro, $49.95 grow lamp, $59.95 power plant mini

  • Jennifer
    January 8, 2009 at 16:28

    that’s awesome. i’ve been planning on starting my own indoor herb garden so this is perfect.

  • Nathalie Rivard
    January 8, 2009 at 17:22

    I love this idea. I might indulge and get one for here. 🙂