Green Living Toys for my Eco-Friendly Tuesday

green toys

We are never too young to learn to principles of green living. Pretend games were part of my favorites as a kid. These days, we can find green doll houses and city life accessories. The toys also have to walk the talk and be made of organic or eco-friendly materials. If you have an upcoming kid birthday, here a few suggestions from two brands that specialize in green toys.

City Life Toys

+ Your kids will become familiar with the ecological ways to heat, cool and supply energy to a house. The Green Dollhouse by Plan Toys features a wind turbine and a solar cell panel with electrical inverter for generating electricity, a rain barrel for collecting rain plus a green facade which helps control the appropriate temperature of the house. A shade canopy that can be pulled down in order to block or allow the wind and sunlight into the house. Recycling bins are integrated to the house. $190 USD green house alone, $234.95 house with green furniture

+ They will learn the value of local farming with the Doll House Vegetable Garden by Plan Toys $19.94 USD

+ The new Eco Street Accessories include 4 solar street lights, 3 signs, a recycle bin, and 2 street flower beds. On the Website of Plan Toys, they say street benches but from the pictures, it looks like flower beds.

For Playing Outside

These making of these toys is more environmentally. They are made recycled plastic that were collected from curbside milk containers. The plastic is safe for kids. It contains no phthalates or BPA.

+ Sand Play Set $19.99 USD
+ Green Toys Gardening Kit $20 USD

+ Plan Toys
+ Green Toys