Gordon Ramsay’s Fast Food

gordon ramsay's fast food cookbook

When I entertain at home, I prefer to cook easy to make but tasty recipes. The hostess should plan her event so she can enjoy the presence of her guests. This is why I like the latest book by Gordon Ramsay.

Entertaining Philosophy

“However amazing a dish looks, it is always the taste that lingers in your memory.”

The stylish hostess makes an effort on food presentation. But we must accept that we are not Chefs either. My priority for easy entertaining is to design a stunning tabletop, cook a delicious meal and after, try to plate the food more beautifully.

About The Book

I do not really follow Gordon Ramsay on TV. I bought Fast Food because his cookbook provides tasty recipes built around menus and types of food plus some essential cooking tips.

You get recipes for fast soups, appetizers, antipasti, salads, sandwiches, eggs, working lunches, pasta, shellfish, fish, meat, vegetarian, side dishes, fruity desserts and creamy desserts.

The pan-fried hake with tomato relish sounds delicious. In fact, they are plenty of tempting fish and shellfish recipes. I prefer eating fish instead of meat in the summer time.

Half the menus are for everyday meal while the second half is filled with menus for casual entertaining. Be creative with your décor and you can throw memorable parties around these mainstream themes:

  • A taste of Morocco
  • Viva Italia!
  • Outdoor Eating
  • Tapas Spread
  • Summer Special – I really want to taste the avocado and cucumber soup followed by the Salmon with Mediterranean flavors (stuffed with sun-dried tomatoes, basil leaf, an olive and a sliver of garlic)
  • Thai Feast
  • Fast Drinks Party – nibbling food and large serving drink recipes

My only complaint about this book relates to the poor choice of fonts on certain sections. The extra-bold font used for the ingredient list makes them harder to read. Graphically, Gordon Ramsay’s Fast Food felt short of being a beautiful cookbook. Nonetheless, due to the recipes and good advices, Fast Food makes a nice addition to my cookbook collection.

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