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natural sophisticated christmas decor

Today, my eco-chic party column plays on a large interpretation of green living. It is about simple old-fashioned pleasures and the wildlife appeal.

There is a debate going on to determine what is more eco-friendly between an artificial Christmas and a real one? But really if you are short on space, the solution is simpler. You simply forgo the big tree.

Pinecone trees, homemade fabric trees, glass trees and twigs on vases are just the tips of the iceberg. Decorative tree alternatives emerge every day to fit any taste and style. I have always been a fan of the legendary Swedish Holiday Herd so I am pleased that their selection is growing.

It is more creative to mix textures within a same family. The Fave of the Month at The Cross Decor & Design in Vancouver, BC is their wooden Deer Heads and Alabaster Stags. It is a cheaper alternative to the charming woodland twig stag head sold at Wisteria.

The concept

The chic natural look is fashionable these days. Pine cones, twigs, moose, felt fabric and stuffed toys are in for home décor. The concept behind the natural sophisticated Christmas décor is to evoke the past while keeping it all fresh.

Christmas is a time of the year where you hopefully feel good because you are among your loved ones. Why not dressing up nature? Celebrate the simple joys of life like craft arts and outdoor ice skating. You feel warmth and emotionally attached just looking at old-fashioned Scandinavian Ice Skate Stocking and the Ice Princess ornaments.

You can personalize this look by salvaging vintage pieces, crafting your own ornaments, supporting local artists and mixing it all with new items.

deerand alabaster stag heads

Buy online: Pinecone trees at Wisteria – price: $49 USD for the medium, $59 for the large, $89 for both
Buy online: Woodland Stag head at Wisteria – price: $149 USD
Buy online: Alabaster Stags at The Cross Décor and Design – price: $45 CAD for the small, $ 85 CAD for the large
Buy online: A Holiday Herd at Wisteria – price: $28 USD for the small, $49 for the large, $74 for both
Buy online: A Forest of Glass Trees at Wisteria – price: $79 USD for a set of 3
Buy online: Ice Princess ornaments at Anthropologie – price: $24 USD each, offered in 3 models
Buy online: Ice Skate Stocking at Anthropologie – price: $58 USD
Buy online: Felt Penguin Ornament at Anthropologie – price: $12 USD
How to do: White Satin Sheen Christmas Tree on Marlie’s Creative Universe
Via: Anthropologie ornaments published on Black Eiffel

  • Sabina
    November 7, 2007 at 14:37

    I’ve got a thing for all things Scandinavian as my blog today shows. Love this post!! Thanks for the always helpful links Kim!

  • Susan
    November 8, 2007 at 15:54

    Is it that time again? Well, you seem to have your finger on the pulse of all that is “now” in holiday decorating. It’s a great place to visit and revisit…this blog, especially since it’s nice to do things differently once in awhile. I’m always a fan of Scandinavian things. Cute ideas.