Glamorous New Year Party Inspiration

new year\'s eve glamorous party

For us, Christmas is a family celebration while New Year is a time to have fun with your friends. I concocted some design and menu ideas for the glamorous girl who invited her friends at home.

I always savor a tasty dinner at New Year’s Eve but I always plan for lots of time for dancing and having fun. It should feel like a party, not a dinner event.

My Source of Inspiration

Although it is too late to send your printed invitations, the Bonnie’s StylePress invite that I am showing you sets the tone of the event I designed. If you send something like that, your friends will know what to expect.

Monogrammed table linens add a classic touch. Monogram napkins are available in cloths and paper. Both the invites and the Caspari paper napkins can be found at Fine Stationery.

The Welcoming Cocktail

Think about the parties that Hollywood stars were hosting in the 1950’s. So put your latest cocktail dress, wear your high heels and greet your guests with a glass of Kir Royale. Drop a dash of Creme de Cassis in a flute and topped with Champagne. Crème de Cassis is a French liquor made of black currants.

Or you can make the oldest, the classic Champagne cocktail. In fact, it was very popular with the 1950’s Hollywood stars. In a flute, drizzle a couple of drops of Angostura on a sugar cube and top with Champagne. Both the Kir Royale and the classic Champagne cocktail are made with the real thing. But make sure you keep the vintage Champagne bottles for the New Year Countdown.

Do not forget to serve one or two types of finger foods during the cocktail. If you are short on time, simply spread a few pates on fine crackers. Serve them on a platter with cocktail napkins.

The Dinner Menu

I composed a simple but elegant dinner that will leave you plenty of time for dancing and drinking responsibly. These recipes were featured on Tastespotting.

For the first course, go for a soup since you can make it in advance. Pay attention to your plating, you can go fancier than parsley for garnishes with a pinch of a freshly cut chives with some homemade croutons. And serve an array of bread.

For the main course, repeat with the same concept of simple food that is well plated. Here is an example.

For dessert, go for the presentation in Mason jars that is trendy with chefs. Just recall the Pot au Chocolat from Laloux Restaurant that was presented on a similar style. And you can never go wrong with a chocolate dessert, as least if you wish to please me. This dessert from Tartelette will leave nice memories in the heart of your guests.

That is it for the meal. It is now the time to power the music, dance and make a toast to the New Year. Have fun preparing your own New Year Party.

Buy online: Bonnie’s StylePress invitation cards at Fine Stationery – price: $120.25 for 25 custom printed cards with envelops
Buy online: Caspari monogrammed paper napkins at Fine Stationery – price: $ 48 for 100
Photo credits: Each meal picture belongs to the blogger who posted the recipe

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