Give a Book about Entertaining to the Hostess

easy entertaining : entertaining planner : recipe notes : mother's cooking by ryland peters & small

My theory is that you should keep at home a reserve of hostess gifts. This way, you are always ready for an impromptu dinner party invitation and you save time by minimizing your shopping trips.

A lot of people from newlyweds to single men are searching for clues on how to entertain properly. The best books for them pass on tips for simple entertaining. Easy to follow instructions and gorgeous photography are essentials. Otherwise, people do not put into practice what is in the book.

That is what I like about the books by Ryland Peters & Small. To make it easier for you, stash any of these 4 new releases until you need a hostess gift:

The beauty within a book

Ryland Peters & Small are renowned for their books devoted to: food and drinks, home and garden, health and well-being. Their books provide practical information about planning, staging and organizing an event at home.

This British editor has a distinctive look. Once you know the brand, you can instantly identity that you are holding on your hand a Ryland Peters & Small book. I am a fan obviously of their fresh modern visual.

What is your favorite book about entertaining?

  • gigi
    March 31, 2008 at 12:59

    Hi Kim,

    I’m with you about keeping a reserve of gifts. It is so nice to be prepared in case something suddenly comes up. AND your suggestion of a book as a hostess gift is a very thoughtful one — it can be used well beyond the lifespan a bouquet of flowers or bottle of wine would last.

    Great ideas.