Giraffe Birthday and Baby Shower Invitations

giraffe baby shower and kids birthday invitations at minted :: jennifer postorino :: kelli hall :: sweet tree studio

It is no secret that I love giraffe on stationery, plush animals and art prints. It is probably because I always dreamt of being tall. On my quest to find cutely modern giraffe invitations, it seams natural to stop at Minted.

Minted is an online store offering fresh, modern custom stationery and invitations. They opted for the talents of independent brands and designers to bring something new on the marketplace. Without knowing, two design studios are represented twice. I guest I really enjoy the style of pottsdesign and Sweet Tree Studio.

+ Baby Giraffe Baby Shower Invitations by Jennifer Postorino $60 for 25
+ Baby Silhouette Baby Shower Invitations by Emily of pottsdesign $67 for 25
+ Circus Children’s Birthday Party Invitations by Sweet Tree Studio $67 for 25

The next three inspired me for their versatility. Each drawing could lead to a fun party theme while keeping a surprise on how you interpret it until the guests show up. It is ideal if you haven’t decided on your decor when you need to order your invitations.

baby shower invitations at minted :: pottsdesign :: kelli hall :: sweet tree studio

+ Cupcake Baby Shower Invitations by pottsdesign $67 for 25
+ Cheery Frock Baby Shower Invitations by Kelli Hall$67 for 25
+ Onesie Whimsy Baby Shower Invitations by Sweet Tree Studio $67 for 25

  • Baby shower pro
    September 22, 2009 at 08:49

    I love the pink and orange cupcake invite. Very cute.

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    September 22, 2009 at 09:18

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