Getting the Most of Your Outdoor Room

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Real estate experts say that having a well-designed outdoor space will increase the value of your house. I read in the Property Advice of Living etc that it is particularly true in the spring and summer.

To help you create a stylish outdoor oasis, Living etc publishes a guide with top tips and advice. Learn more about space planning, adding atmosphere and how to get striking garden lighting.

It is great because we do not always know where to start. I would seek the help of professionals to redo my own outdoor space. I have friends who enjoy doing the manual labor; it relaxes them from their daily job. They still hired a garden designer to get a plan first. Planning and preparation is key. The following tells you where you should concentrate your efforts.

The Best Tips

When planning for your space, your design will be dictate by the mount of privacy needed, the choice of materials and the level of maintenance you are willing to do.

Making the right choice may be tricky. You want to make sure to make the most of your space, create a cohesive indoor/outdoor experience and cleverly create visual interest across your garden. That is why hiring a professional pays off.

Be creative with your seating arrangement. Plan the kitchen area so that the barbecue will not bother people seating in the lounge area. But on the other end, the cook must not feel alone.

Add atmosphere with sound and music. Include a few decorative touches. Think about how you will stay warm on the colder nights? How will you stay cool under the shades during the hot summer days?

Finally, learn how to properly illuminate a garden. When done properly, lighting can add magic to a garden. The key is to mix lights and shadows. For more tips and advice, visit the Property advice section of Living etc.

Via: Design & decorate: Outdoor rooms [Living etc]

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