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free printable project list designed by heart heather

free printable project list designed by heart heather

A few years ago, faced with a too-small holiday shopping budget and gift list that included ten nieces and nephews, parents, siblings, friends and colleagues, I made the decision to put my crafting, sewing and baking skills to good use and make all of my intended gifts.

Of course, my plan didn’t seem so great when I still had unfinished projects on December 24th.

Like any DIY project, organization is essential to ensure your gifts are completed in time to actually be given. It takes a bit of planning and more than one list, but the results are worth it. Here are a few tips that can help you stay on track as the holidays approach and your to-do list grows longer.

Start with a list. Craft stores are a wonderful place to find project inspiration. But aimlessly wandering the aisles can easily steer you off course from your gifting goal, cutting into valuable making time. Once you’ve determined the recipients, your projects and the quantity you need to make, write a list of necessary supplies and make one trip to stock up. You’ll avoid countless additional shopping trips (save for that unavoidable last-minute glitter run).

Use what you have. Holiday projects are a great opportunity to make the most of your craft stash. Take inventory and find gift projects that allow you to use those supplies. A simple online search can help you track down the perfect project.

Make multiples. If you have a long list of loved ones you intend to gift, work in assembly line fashion to speed up the creation of your gifts. Don’t be afraid to make more than one of the same project – after all, you can customize the details for each recipient. I once created stationery sets for multiple children and, while the elements were the same for each, notecards and stickers were personalized with each child’s name and favorite color for a custom feel.

Schedule it! Just as you have to fit shopping into your busy holiday schedule, dedicate a similar block of time to work on your gift projects.

To help you (and me!) organize holiday projects and supplies, I created this free printable. Here’s to happy, handmade holidays!

+ Handmade Holiday Project List from Heart Heather

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