Get inspired by ocean tones for designing your outdoor spaces

Ocean color palette :: muti + cote sud picturesAlthough I like the bold patterns, soothing environments relieve us from our daily stress. When we are taking about calm and relation, the ocean rings a bell for most of us.

This inspiration board started by looking at number 105 issue of Cote Sud magazine. A beautiful array of soft blues and greens takes place over a 10-page article. This color combination caught the eyes of others as well. I saw a few shots I was planning to use published on the style files blog before I finished assembling mine. Beautiful things never stay a secret.

So, I reoriented my board to highlight new photos. I imagined a backyard setting for casual trendy events. For this backyard, I imagine three distinct areas: the pool area, the lounge area and the casual dining space. Each space has its own personality but the three spaces share a common theme.

Design wise, I went for circles and lines and I stayed within my color palette. Lines and circles are of varying widths, weights and patterns; these slight changes create interests. You do not feel like you are always on the same room. Examine the photos; you will spot lots of commonalities.

The lounge area is absolutely fabulous. The fabric wall really makes a statement. When you are entertain, think of covering a wall or a partition with a large fabric or wallpaper. This is an easy way to update the look of your space and to create a strong focus point. Naturally, you can select a fabric that can stay outdoors and enjoy it all summer long.

Around the pool, stock up lots of cushions for people to lie down. During cocktail and night, the cushions provide extra sitting in the lounge.

When you are throwing a party, do not discard utilitarian materials. When you paint in blue, this old-style beach fence carries a lot of charms. It is easy to temporarily plant this fence on the grass. Your guests will be impressed if you create vignette like that.

Cote Sud magazine : number 105 - april/may issue

The top photos are from the Cabana line and the Breeze range. They are part of the 2007 summer collection of Muti & Co. Located in Woodbridge, Ontario (Canada), Muti & Co. imports and distributes decorative items and household items.

The rectangular cushions and mattress style cushions on the left side – beach photo – are a bargain at 15 euros. They are from Monoprix, a French retailer. By going to a fabric store, you can make your own. Since Monoprix is a mainstream store, you should be able to find similar fabrics in your local shops.

The fabric wall shows off Nothing Hill pattern by Designers Guild. Made of 100% cotton, Nothing Hill fabric costs 42 euros a meter in 137 cm width. Contact the French interior designer Julia Prisca for the aqua linen FRANKI sofa. You can find something similar if you shop around.

The round cushions are in the Solstice collection by Elitis, a high-end fabric maker. This circular motif of African feathered necklaces is drawn in flock of taffetas so you have to put back the cushions inside once your party is over. Solstice fabric costs 86 euros a meter in 140 cm width. A few retailers carry Elitis line in the USA, see the Elitis’ distributors and agent locations for details.

Decorative items for dining space: Cabana line and Breeze range by Muti & Co.
Collection of rectangular cushions: Web site of Monoprix
Fabric wall: Nothing Hill model by Designers Guild – I did not see it on their Web site
Round cushions: Solstice textile collection by Elitis
Photo credits: the bottom shots were taken for April-May issue of Cote Sud magazine – see Les Couleurs de l’eau

See other shots around that theme: summer has begun! published on the style files