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Fun Party Ideas for Outdoor Entertaining

outdoor entertaining tips by habitat :: geronimo tents : maui deckchairs :: kid cushions :: melamine dinnerware

If you have followed me for a while, you probably know that I adore the UK store Habitat. For summer 2008, Habitat stylists did not fail to impress me.

Once again, Habitat stimulates our imagination for casual entertaining. Looking at Habitat setting teaches how to create a unique experience. I enjoy especially their kid theme outdoor rooms.

Kid Party Theme

The camping trip in the backyard is an archetypal kid party theme. You With outstanding decorations, your outdoor party will stand apart. Use great props to create the theatrical illusion. Plan several activities to keep the kids occupied all night long.

The GERONIMO tents are simply adorable. I cannot imagine one kid that would not be thrilled to have a sleep over in these cute tents. Another must have for a kid party is OLI, a fresh olive green pigment lacquered eucalyptus kid picnic table.

The second picture showcases the MAUI deckchairs and the MINI WORLD rugs. Cushions play a huge role in a kid rooms. Here, you see the BELLA toy, the MAP cushion and the BIG MOUTH cushion.

MAUI is available in adult and kid sizes in saffron, orange, ginger, nut, aqua, charcoal, multi-color lined, multi-color urban pattern.

Outdoor dining and picnicware

The delicately neutral floral patterns of UTOPIA melamine picnicware collection goes with solid color dinnerware. Make your own assortment of round tray, plates, bowl, drinking cups, salad bowl and servers.

For an eclectic look at your next outdoor party, mix porcelain plates with earthenware bowls with melamine serving ware. You can even mix the LANDSCAPE porcelain dinner plates with COULEUR pieces and use the round UTOPIA tray. Punch your table by selecting an accent color from COULEUR – which is the French word for color.

I hope these three pictures will inspire you to host an amazing outdoor party in the coming weeks.

+ OLI kid picnic table at Habitat – price: £149
MAUI deckchair in saffron – price: £6
+ UTOPIA round tray – price: £8
+ LANDSCAPE dinner plate – price: £6
+ COULEUR earthenware dinnerware set in red – price: £35 for 16 pieces

  • Purple Area
    April 23, 2008 at 09:24

    I’m also a fan of Habitat. I haven’t seen these – really cool ideas and great colours!

  • V. Massy| fire magic outside kitchens
    April 15, 2009 at 16:48

    We just created an outdoor kitchen and are looking forward to a summer full of backyard entertaining. These ideas are just wonderful! My son turns 6 this year and I am really excited to have a great idea for a camping theme party out back!

  • Tristen Birthday Entertainer
    August 27, 2010 at 16:19

    The “world” chair and rugs are adorable! I could see using them for a travel themed party with all kinds of unique foods located around the globe.