Fun All-in-One Grinders for Spices and Salt and Peppers

oliver hemming spiceboy

CrushGrind revolutionized the grinding industry by introducing a unique, easy to clean mechanism designed to grind not only pepper but also salt, spices and even coffee.

The corrosion-free CrushGrind ceramic mechanism from Denmark is guaranteed for 25 years. Cool design brands are amongst the many that rely on the CrushGrind for their grinders.

SpiceBoy Designed By Oliver Hemming

I saw SpiceBoy, a colorful acrylic grinder at The Bay in downtown Montreal a couple weeks ago. I photographed it with my iPhone as a reminder. I wish to know more about it. As I browsed my iPhone photo galley, it reminded me of what wished to know more about SpiceBoy before making my purchase.

Oliver Hemming designed SpiceBoy in 2004. It won the prestigious reddot design award. SpiceBoy is available in blue, pink, red, black and white.

PANTONE Salt & Pepper Mills

Typhoon launches the new PANTONE Salt & Pepper mills with the CrushGrind inside. Made of a high-gloss biodegradable plastic called PLA, the Pantone Salt & Peppers are eye-catching in your kitchen and on the table.

The color choices include lollipop red, dazzling blue, calla green, raspberry rose and black.

+ SpiceBoy at The Bay – store locator
+ SpiceBoy by Oliver Hemming at Unica Home – $38 USD
+ Pantone Salt And Pepper Mills – £18 at Typhoon