Frog Mini-Cakes and a Summer Party Theme

frog cakes

frog cakes

I spot these adorable frog cakes when it was pouring rain but I immediately thought of a bright sunny garden party. They are so joyful. She used plain licorice sticks to create the grass around her mini-cake. Use dariole or baba molds to bake your individual mini-cakes. You could bake them for a kids birthday party, a baby shower or to become the center of attention of your annual summer BBQ.

Yellow Summer Theme

yellow summer theme

If you plan to host a BBQ at the lake and a pool party for Memorial Day or Victoria Day, you may wish to include those ideas to your party decor. Greet everyone with pairs of flip flops neatly stored in a bucket.

Keep your floral arrangements simple. You could display loose flowers in milk jars or any clear glass bottles that you have. Opt for seasonal flowers, if you can.

+ Frog Cakes from Le blogue d’inspiration de Canal-Vie
+ Reception Details from Elizabeth Beth Designs – styled by After Yes
+ Urban Rooftop Wedding from After Yes