Free Parking for Hybrid Cars at Opus Hotels

free valet parking for hybrid cars at opus hotels

When we went to San Francisco last winter, we rented a Prius. It is a fun car to drive. We stayed at Hotel Vitale and two Fairmont hotels. My husband and I truly appreciated the fact that Fairmont gave us free valet parking because we drove a hybrid car.

Unfortunately, Fairmont green generosities extend only to California. I find the hip Hotel Vitale with its relaxing and good for the soul experience is missing the boat by not having a similar policy. This is the only area where I give a failing grade to Hotel Vitale.

Opus Hotels in Vancouver and Montreal

As a Canadian, I am proud to announce that the Canadian boutique hotel chain Opus Hotels started to offer free valet parking to anyone who shows up in a hybrid car. Opus Hotels has a blog where they tell how what measures they are taking right now to lesser the impact of environment.

What Can You Do As A Guest?

As a hotel guest, we can also make a contribution this summer on our vacation. Simple actions like turning off the light, music and reducing the air conditioning power when we go out add on the energy we consume as a society.

You can watch the following video with Katrina Carroll-Foster, VP Sales & Marketing, Opus Hotels, for more green living tips.

These ideas are a start. Do you integrate green living into your vacation plan? I am curious to know how you do it.

Via: Is Green the new Black? [Opus Hotel Blog]