Four Stylish Ramekins

ramekins and individual souffle cups :: pretty petals by mayfair & jackson :: le creuset :: trois femmes et un coussin

Christine sent me a request for sources where to get more interesting ramekins or custard cups. The world of ramekins is still pretty traditional. But I dug a few options for you.

Mayfair & Jackson

The Pretty Petals ramekins are my favorite for a baby or a bridal shower. The soothing sage green, butter yellow, and cloud blue are always in style.

If you are looking for a more streamline design, go with the basic 4-piece ramekin set. The sets are available in blue and in white.

Trois Femmes et un coussin

The restaurants and hotels dinnerware shop Trois Femmes et un cousin sells a divine white model. The Montreal showroom is open to the public but I do not know the price.

Le Creuset

Before you buy a ramekin set check the size you need for your recipe. Le Creuset sells their ramekins in two sizes: 7 3/4 ounces and 4 3/4 ounces. The vibrant red enhances the look of most dessert. The more daring can opt for a funkier kiwi set.

Le Creuset produces a heart shape ramekins that you can use for a bridal shower and at Valentine’s Day.

+ Pretty Petals by Mayfair & Jackson – price: $12.99 USD for 6
+ Mayfair & Jackson 4 Piece Ramekin Set – price: $7.99 USD for 4
+ Le Creuset Medium Ramekin Set – price: $19.99 for 2
+ Le Creuset Small Ramekin Set – price: $24.99 USD for 4
+ Set of 4 Red Heart Ramekins by Le Creuset – price: $39.95 USD