Four Neat Home Accessories by Umbra


umbra :: magnetter mail and key holder :: cubby organizer :: partido place card holders :: illuzine magazine rack

A tidy place looks better and bigger. Since it is better to be ready for impromptu entertaining, Umbra comes to the rescue with a vast collection of attractive storage solutions. Taking good habits will come naturally.

Home accessories are classic gifts to bring at a housewarming party. Just make sure to get some clues about the interior style before you buy something.

In the Foyer

We all need a designated spot to put the mail. Thea Yuzyk designed a wall mounted magnetic key and letter holder. You could have one Magnetter as an inbox, a second as an outbox. Or each member of a household can have its own. I saw the Magnetter at Zone last Friday and I like it.

William Mak designed the Cubby Organizer in order to quickly grab everything you need when you step out the door. You can get an extra one for your guests. This way, they know where to place their stuff.

At the Table

I like the gender neutral look of the Partido Place Card Holders. Think outside the box, a place card holder can also be used for showing off the menu, identifying dishes on a buffet table or displaying a row of pictures on the entry wall rail.

In the Office

If you live in a small space, you must take advantage of the vertical space. The Illuzine Magazine Rack allows you to keep an eye on your favorite magazines.

Umbra proposes a larger collection. Chances are, you will find something that fits your lifestyle and your décor.

+ Magnetter by Umbra – price: $14 CAD/USD
+ Cubby Organizer by Umbra – price: $31.50 CAD
+ Partido Place Card Holders by Umbra – price: $10.50 CAD/USD for a set of 4
+ Illuzine Magazine Rack by Umbra – price: $ 37 CAD/USD