Four Easter decoration ideas from Martha Stewart

easter decorations and desserts by martha stewart living

If you are still looking for ideas on how to style your Easter brunch, I will share several design ideas this week. So do not worry.

The Fashionable Blue and Yellow

I am starting with two decoration ideas and the best looking desserts from Martha Stewart Living. Get inspired by these crafty projects and recipes to create your own version this Easter.

If you read my posts last week, you spot the resemblances with the Spring 2008 color combinations. Since the pictures were taken a couple years ago, simply adjust the hues to fit into the 2008 color trend.

Blue and yellow mixed with white is so far my favorite palette for Easter 2008. I am assembling my own Easter tabletop the one I will use in real life. Mine may eclipse the blue and yellow scheme; we will see when I am done.

For now, let’s go back to what Martha Stewart has the best to offer in my opinion this Easter. Like I said before, these are old projects from Martha Stewart. They still look interesting today.

Easter Table Decorations

Everyone can easily make these fuzzy Candy Nests. They look so cute. You can reuse the design to dress up your sugar and milk serving set. Brown and white sugar cubes will look better with this scheme.

The early spring tulips and daffodils symbolize Easter. It is simple to decorate a console table or you buffet table by disposing several eggcup bouquets on a tiered cake stand. Step by steps instructions for the Easter Tiered Bouquets are published on Martha Stewart’s Web site.

Take advantage of the white and yellow rage to design a stylish yet simple table top. Lay a lemon yellow tablecloth as your basis so your white dinnerware will pop up. Or you can be hipper and display the orange Chilewich Woven Lattice placemats plus the table runner. You probably own all the required dinnerware, except for the white egg cups which are widely available.

Easter Dessert Recipes

The food presentation of the Rich Chocolate Cake with Ganache Frosting and Truffle-Egg Nest is critical to get the full impact. You can find sets of brown salad plates at Rosanna or for a more affordable option, shop at Target.

Chocolate Egg in blue colored shell is a stylish idea to serve homemade chocolate. I suggest making these Chocolate Eggs as your party favors. Wrap them with clear cellophane to showcase them. Do not forget to install a nice personalized gift tag on your package with a stylish blue or white ribbon.

Buy online: Orange Chilewich Woven Lattice Table Linens – starting at $20 per placemat
Buy online: Set of 2 White Porcelain Egg Cups at Kitchen Kapers – $4.99 for a pair
Buy online: Dinner Party Plates at Rosanna – price: $41.25 for a set of 4
Buy online: Coco Seal Salad Plate at Target – price: $24.99 USD for a set of 6

+ Egg candle holders by Michelle Mason
+ A more natural take on the Easter Eggs
+ Bunny shaped napkins at your Easter brunch

  • Sabina
    March 11, 2008 at 15:28

    I love all that blue and yellow! I also love the candy nests. Thanks Kim!!

  • emily
    March 11, 2008 at 16:42

    Goregoues! Martha really knows her holidays/celebrations. Too bad she can’t to my house and do it for me.

  • Cindy
    March 12, 2008 at 14:12

    I was thinking that this year for my Easter festivities I would try a new invitation site. I wanted something classy, instead of tacky, especially if I was putting so much effort into making everything else look good. http://www.pingg.com actually has really nice invitations. This way I am really starting Easter with style from start to finish.

  • kati
    March 12, 2008 at 16:55

    I love anything to do with birds so I’m totally into the nest theme. Those eggs at bottom right are a great find. Thanks for sharing!

  • At Home with Kim Vallee
    March 13, 2008 at 14:02

    Kati: I am preparing a wonderful tabletop with birds. I think you would like it.

    I need to get some gears but I am delayed by several huge snow falls that make city parking extremely difficult. I hope I can finish it sometimes next week because it would be great for Easter.

    You can have a peek at the dinnerware and placemats at http://urltea.com/2xau

  • Willow
    March 29, 2009 at 11:05

    Very pretty, but would it be expensive or hard to get/ make

  • At Home with Kim Vallee
    March 29, 2009 at 11:32

    Willow: The first 2 projects are simple to make. The Eggs are more complicated but it is mostly because they involved several steps.