Four dinnerware ideas for a fall dinner party

fall dinnerware sets

With Thanksgiving at the corner, many of you may be searching for a fall dinnerware set. I got some suggestions for you.

Audun Collection by Villeroy & Boch

The first dinnerware set depicts pastoral scenes in black and white with a creamy yellow accent border and modern Toile accents. A design from the French maker Villeroy & Boch, Audun Chasse dinnerware has all the charms of the past in a modern interpretation.

If you are interested to complete the set, know that 4 patterns compose the Audun collection: Chasse (Hunting), Ferme (Farm), Fleur (Flower), Promenade (Walk).

Chasse and Ferme mix well together. It is a good idea to include a few pieces of the simple Fleur. I am not too keen on Audun Promenade. Audun Ferme delivers all the service ware pieces that you can imagine.

Villeroy & Boch dinnerware will satisfy you for many years to come. For that reason, they are worth their investment. Costco in the US sold a 4-piece place setting at an excellent price.

The Artisan Collection at Pottery Barn

This bisque Artisan collection is currently on sale. The earthy color and organic shapes of Santa Fe inspired our new stoneware serve ware. This set is the typical 4-piece place setting. You can buy the 16 pieces or plates, bowls and mugs in set of 4.

If you mix solid color plates or bowls, you can create a stylish tabletop with this everyday set. Nice color combinations for autumn would be cocoa and bisque, amber and bisque, charcoal and bisque.

Delamere Dinnerware Collection by Spode

The Delamere dinnerware Collection displays Spode’s Flower border in a blue, brown or cranberry version. This set is made of high quality earthenware is sold at Costco.

You can dress up a set like that and create an amazing table. I suggest you get a pure linen hemstitched tablecloth to add elegance.

Evette Dinnerware at Crate & Barrel

This Antique French dinnerware set is just adorable. The dishes feature soft oval shapes, hand-antiqued scrollwork rims and a creamy white glaze. Evette Dinnerware has all the elements that symbolize French Country style.

French uses this type of design both for daily usage and formal entertaining. You should not have trouble finding pieces from other brands to mix and match colors plates.

For Canadians: Audun Chasse dinnerware at Villeroy & Bosh online store – start at $20.58 CAD (on sale) for a salad plate
For Americans: 4-piece place setting of Audun Chasse at Costco – price: &79.99 USD per 4-pc place setting, S&H included
Buy online: Artisan Dinnerware Collection at Pottery Barn – price: $110 USD for 16-piece set on sale
Buy online: Delamere dinnerware Collection by Spode at Costco – price: $79.99 USD for 16-piece set, S&H included
Buy online: Evette Dinnerware at Crate & Barrel – start at $9.95 USD for a bowl

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