Four Christmas gift ideas from the Supermarket

plantorb : egg pants :: cuckoo clock :: blackbirds baby changin pad at supermarket

Located in Brooklyn, New York, Supermarket is a cool market place that connects designers with consumers.

If you are looking for a special gift to complete your Holiday shopping, browse their catalogue. I compile a fun wish list to speed up your shopping.

A hanging vase

To give you a head start, I made a list of four fun and practical products. The first one is a white ceramic orb hang with a long woven sisal cord called Plantorb. Sold under her own brand called Perch!, Amy Adams designed the cutest vase to grow your own herbs in the kitchen.

Cute Egg Cups

Created by Design Glut, Egg Pants is a cute duo of egg cups. Made with a ceramic lookalike material that is soft and flexible, Egg Pants perfectly fit around any egg. If you friends are not familiar with egg cups, at least you can brag that Egg Pants made the front page of the New York Times last week.

Modern Cuckoo clock

If you are looking for a charming little gift, a glance Cuckoo Clock by Decoylab will convince you. This wall hanging clock with an image of cuckoo clock look adorable. Give it to someone who likes a whimsical touch in their home décor.

Baby changing pad

Deadly Squire is not a name that naturally comes to mind for baby products but again their products do not share the usual baby look either. So if you have a friend who is expecting, give her the Blackbirds baby changing pad. It is made of 100% cotton, quilted changing pad and will neither bored the parents nor the baby.

Buy online: Plantorb at Supermarket – price: $104
Buy online: Egg Pants at Supermarket – price: $20 USD for a set of 2
Buy online: Lime Cuckoo Clock at Supermarket – price: $ 28 USD
Buy online: Baby changing pad, Blackbirds at Supermarket – price: $20 USD
Learn more: Retailers carrying Perch!
Learn more: Retailers carrying Design Glut

  • eShopping
    December 19, 2007 at 21:57

    Here I get some different gift ideas. I would also like to say that any gift that matches the personality and interest of the receiver, is great!