For Casual Before-Dinner Parties: the Napkin Cup and the French Decanter by Royal VKB

napkin cup by royal vkb

Although 25 centimeters (10 inches) of snow felt on my city this week, summer entertaining will be soon around the corner. I found at Royal VKB two products that will make it easy to invite friends for an informal gathering.

By combining a napkin holder with a cocktail stick holder, it liberates one hand. Plus, your guests won’t have to search where they are when they reach for tapas or finger food. Since the napkin cup is make of plastic, I won’t be afraid to bring it for a picnic.

french decanter and carafe by royal vkb
photo credits: French Decanter designed by Kaptein Roodnat for Royal VKB, € 19,95 | French Carafe $28.05 at Amazon.com

The French Decanter is the wine version of Royal VKB’s French Carafe. Both contain the same amount of liquid but the decanter base is wider.

carry french decanter carafe and 4 picardie glasses with one hand

Dutch designer Kaptein Roodnat added a space saving function when he designed these carafes.  You can stack 4 Picardie glasses in the neck are carry the set with one hand. I think that it is brilliant! Another practical reason to buying those is that the French decanter and carafe are dishwasher safe. I can’t say that from my stylish decanter.

In the meantime, I must wait until a cool American or Canadian retailer adds the decanter and the napkin cup to their catalogue.

+ top photo credits: Napkin cup designed by OfficeOriginair for Royal VKB, € 12,95